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News & Updates

Medical Compliance

Not only do we want to be sure that our students are at the top academically, we want to equally ensure that our students are healthy and up-to-date with their immunizations and physicals. Please check-in with the main office about Medical Compliance. We want to have 100% of our students compliant medically!!!

Report Card Pick-Up

Our parent support was evident on Report Card Pick-up with close to 80% of our families out to support their students and learn more about ways to support them from home. We look forward to the spring report card pick-up where we hope to have more parents involved!

Compass Learning (

Howe School of Excellence wants to ensure that our students are practicing their reading, math, and science daily both in-school and at home. All students in grades K-8th grades have login information to access Compass Learning. We highly encourage your children to access Compass Learning at home nightly for 30 minutes. Please see your child’s teacher for their login information.

New Pre-School Application

CPS is launching a new program for PreK called Chicago Ready to Learn. ALL CPS SCHOOLS are required to apply if they want to have a PreK program in their buildings for the 2013-2014 school year. If an application is denied, the school cannot have Pre-K classes. Please know that Ms. Palmer, our PreK teacher, has been working hard to be sure that this application is completed. PreK is the foundation for our students to be successful in kindergarten and beyond both academically and socially!

Dressing for the Weather

The weather is changing from fall to winter and it is essential that your children come dressed for the weather. Please be advised that students are at recess for 15 to 20 minutes every day. Your child MUST have a coat/jacket and be dressed warm to enjoy this time outside!